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Ladies!! It is time to kick back and relax while enjoying company with other women that are also uplifting and encouraging. This event is totally free of charge all you need to do is register. Remember there are only 10 spots! See you there! Blessings!



Girlfriend check-in was awesome. I would not change a thing! 


 You exceeded my expectation. You were so organized and I love how you individualized each folder and made it personal to each person. I loved each word of wisdom as well & how you prayed to say what God say!


The Girlfriend Check-In was really good. Great work, great passion, great flow! Thank you for your commitment and your passion to women blossoming into their butterflies of purpose!


Girlfriend check-in was an amazing experience. From the thoughtful questions Tammie had prepared all the way down to the word God gave her for each individual was so on point. I can't wait for the next one.


I enjoyed the girlfriend experience. It was outside of my comfort zone but worth the experience. I was blessed by the word and the accuracy of the timing of the word. I also enjoyed the organization of the experience. It was well done and thoughtful.


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